Free Ebook: Student Voice - Student Engagement Tips from Students


Students speak up on what they want out of school and the strategies and tactics that engage them most effectively.

"Focusing first on increasing student engagement, rather than on improving test scores, can actually foster greater gains in students' academic, emotional, social, and behavioral achievement" (Edwards, 2011)

But what actually engages students most?  We asked over 150 students to voice their opinions and prioritize what was most important to them and compiled the findings in this ebook.  

Download this free, 25-page ebook and learn:

  • Why research has shown student engagement to be critical

  • Key ways students today have been changing

  • What students voiced & prioritized as the most important factors needed to engage them

  • Actionable tips from students on improving their learning experience

  • Take-away lessons and key questions you should be asking students  

This is the first Thoughtstream student engagement report for educational leaders. Download this new report today!     


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